Wednesday, March 6, 2013

China here we come again!! much to say and write but I just had to at least get some pictures of our little guy on here for you all! We just got an update so we are so so excited!! I need to get the munchkins ready for bed so tomorrow I'll write about everything  but for now here are some pictures of Meili's bro!!! TWIN BRO!! Lol ;-)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meili's Surgery

We woke up very early about 4am and headed to the orthopedic surgery center. We got checked in and settled in our room. Meili had a good time with getting so much attention from everyone...the nurses were in love with her! We read books and she got to ride around in a wagon while we waited for surgery...then I got to put on a beautiful jump suit and escort Meili back to the operating room. I sang Jesus loves me as they put her to sleep. I had to choke back the was a little harder to watch than what I had thought...after that we waited for the doctor to come in and let us know how it went. The surgery went pretty quickly and Dr. Greer came in and gave us great news that everything had went really well! She then went to recovery and I got to go back and see her as soon as she was stable. I was wondering what she would be like coming off of all those meds....they came and got me and told me she was telling everyone NO and was not too happy. When I got back there she had about 5 nurses surrounding her and one of them was holding her and like they said she was not happy at all. She was so upset that she had an IV in one hand and the other hand was bandaged up as well. She wanted that IV out and she was trying to pull it out herself! So you can imagine how mad she was when we wouldn't let her do that...They wanted her to drink before they took it out but I said I don't think she is going to calm down or do anything until you remove it. They did end up taking it out and finally after walking her around she finally became coherent. I think a lot of it was also a reaction to the meds as well. After calming down she wanted to eat her crackers and started drinking and saying hi and pointing to me saying mama and pointing to herself saying was good to see her start to come back to life! Since she was drinking we were allowed to go home! She fell asleep on the way...and when we got home she was ready to eat! Since being home she has been doing great! Thank you so much for all of the prayers! God is amazing and he answered them all! Here are some pictures for you...

she wanted to have one arm out lol

I know I look awesome..he he
After Ian saw this picture he asked me I got to operate on

last picture of the thumb...good-bye little thumb...

doing well today!

we will see how it goes with keeping this on...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hand surgeon appointment

We have decided to go ahead with the it is going to be on thisWednesday morning very early. We have to be in Springfield at 5:30 a.m and her surgery should begin at 7 am. The doctor said that the actually surgery will take about 30 minutes and that it is a simple surgery so that is good! The scary part is that she will go under general anesthesia...they did say that I can put on a beautiful sterile outfit and hat and go back with her as they are putting her to sleep. I am glad that I can be there with her to hold her hand...Please say a prayer for Meili on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning that all goes well. She has had a bit of a runny nose and some congestion so they are monitoring the situation. If her little cold gets worse we will need to reschedule. I think she is going to miss her little extra thumb for a while and wonder what happened to it. Hopefully she is not to upset about it... Here are a couple of pictures of her at her hand specialist appointment. Enjoy...

She got to have a sucker for being good for her hand X-ray

Meili Meets Myah!

It was so exciting for me to finally meet in person one of  the wonderful friends who walked with me through the adoption process every step of the way...I met her through another friend and then thanks to FB we got to know each other! I so loved reading her blog and would hang on every word while we were going through the process..and was so thankful to be able to ask her many questions as we went along on our journey..(thanks for putting up with me Jennifer!) Anyway they are such a sweet amazing family and I was so thrilled for our daughters to meet!! Enjoy the pics!!!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

Meili Turns Two!

Daddy and Meili in the foam pit!

Birthday friends!

little cutie!

Excitement in the air!

Big Brother lil sis...

Having fun on the tramp!

More friends!

Say cheese friends!

Having some fun!

More Jumping!


Grandpa and Meili!

Make a wish!

Let them eat cake!

Time for presents!

After she opened her presents she had a little mishap on the trampoline..poor little princess....she cried...for a while....and thankfully.... several X-rays later she was just fine...just a twisted knee...